Who are these guys? Getting To Know The Hosts!

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Josh and Jay take a break from discussing investments & insurance to talk about their personal lives and how life events have influenced their respective career paths. Tune in to hear how events in Jay Stubb’s early life led him to a career of helping families protect themselves financially from pre-mature death; how Josh Null’s winding path from running heavy equipment and doing manual labor as a youth in the Ozarks eventually led him to starting Gulf Coast Financial Advisors in Lower Alabama; and how Will Steih’s abundance of personality allowed him to pivot from a CPA Auditor to a Financial Advisor! This episode was our way of wrapping up “Season 1” of the Every Dollar Counts podcast. It was a great way for us to express our gratitude to our friends, business associates, co-workers, mentors, and family that have supported us along our journey. As we prepare for Season 2 of the Every Dollar Counts podcast, we especially want to thank you, the listeners, for making the past year of Every Dollar Counts a success and allowing us to continue on our path of financial enlightenment and entertainment!

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