Top 5 Fintech Blogs Advisors Should be Reading

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Compiled by Marcus DiNitto

Nerd’s Eye View

Most conversations about the financial services blogosphere begin with Michael Kitces’ Nerd’s Eye View, and his website,, includes a vertical that is a deep dive into all things Fintech. Kitces publishes a monthly post on the blog, branded “The Latest News in Financial Advisor #FinTech,” offering a comprehensive look into news, trends and whatever else is hot in the space.

Content in June’s issue includes Kitces’ perspective on what he calls the “not-so-surprising trend” of robo-advisors pivoting towards offering human advisors and targeting clients with healthy sums of investable assets (‘not-necessarily-Millennials,’ he quips); Blooom’s effort to focus exclusively on B-to-C; evidence discovered on LinkedIn that Morningstar is developing financial planning software; and advisors wondering if Amazon’s Alexa can become a tool to communicate with clients.

Kitces drops occasional posts in between the monthly “Latest News” items, and the entire blog is excellently written (mostly in long form), informative and even entertaining.

Read Michael Kitces Fintech Articles About Financial Advisor Technology & Fintech Here

Bank Innovation

Through this site that launched in 2009, Royal Media – long been dialed into the financial services industry – says its aim is to enhance industry executives’ knowledge with robust content on Fintech advancements.

The site is super navigable, via its “current headlines” tab, allowing users to scroll easily through the multiple stories a day that are posted.  A perusal of recently-posted articles finds content about the potential influence of artificial intelligence on banking, the burgeoning P2P payments space and “2017 Innovators to Watch: 44 Executives Shaping the Future of Banking” – if you’re like most people, you love to read about other people in your industry.

Read Bank Innovation Here

Daily Fintech

This site’s editorial philosophy – partly, “insight-driven not news-driven” – surely resonates with some advisors. If you’re searching for a regurgitation of the day’s news or copy-and-pasted press releases, look elsewhere. Daily Fintech’s approach of identifying larger trends signified by smaller pieces of news makes sense for big-picture thinkers.

The site also asks for the opportunity to interact with financial professionals, like yourself, promising to respect confidentiality as it seeks information that is often overlooked.

Read Daily Fintech Here

Fintech – News and Analysis

There’s a common thread through many of the Fintech blogger’s posts: How technology can be of value to customers. Groenfeldt’s recent Forbes headlines include “Customer Trust Is The Key For Banks To Build Long-Term Relationships,” and ”What Are Our Customers Doing, London’s Metro Bank Asks Its Data.” It’s great to have the newest and flashiest Fintech tools, but the advisors who know how to apply them to their clients’ benefits are the ones who are going to thrive. His personal blog covers a variety of topics in the Fintech space, with his most recent piece focusing on female leaders in the sector.

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Reddit Fintech: financial technology

Reddit is the self proclaimed “front page of the internet.” Though not technically a blog, this is a community to join if you want to converse and exchange ideas with your fellow financial professionals, /r/fintech offers ranked lists of the best the web has to offer on the topic. Browse through the endless list of links and you won’t find bias toward certain sources. There is a little from everywhere, creating a robust forum to discuss technology’s growing influence on the industry. You’ll find news and trends on platforms across a multitude of verticals.

Read the Fintech Subreddit Here

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