Leveraging AI to Automate 30-40% of Your Mundane Tasks

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Between Now and Success


In a Nutshell: In 2020, the most successful advisors have moved past worrying about “competing” with technology. Instead, they’re finding ways to automate the 30 – 40% of the mundane tasks that are necessary for relationships but don’t enhance them, so that they can focus on the human conversations that create real lasting value — and more business.

Guest: Matt Reiner, CFP® CFA®, the cofounder and CEO of Benjamin, “the world’s first A.I. assistant created for advisors by advisors.”

My Key Takeaway: Used properly, AI can do things human advisors don’t need to be doing so that we can focus on things AI can’t do, like:

Build better relationships with our clients.
Coach our clients on financial matters so that they make better decisions and feel more in control of their futures.
Help clients clarify what their money is for and live their best life possible today, not just in retirement.

Also Learn:

1. Why you need to start thinking about technology — and AI in particular — as your partner, not your enemy.

2. How an AI platform can help keep your margins and expenses under control during a burst of high growth.

3. What nuts and bolts integration and training looks like when you decide to add an AI component to your tech stack.

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