Jennifer Null of Gulf Coast CPR Training

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Welcome to the “Building your Brand in a Time of Crisis” series, where Josh & Jay bring local business owners & entrepreneurs into the studios of Deep Fried to discuss specific, actionable tips and ideas to help other business people & professionals navigate this crisis, especially as it relates to using technology and online platforms to stay in communication with clients and potential clients to strengthen their brand when we finally emerge from our current situation.

In this episode, Josh & Jay welcome Jennifer Null, the owner of Gulf Coast CPR Training, a Fairhope, Alabama based American Heart Association training site that provides ACLS, BLS, CPR, AED & First Aid training and certification to groups and individuals along our Gulf Coast. Jennifer also offers a Babysitter Bootcamp for beginning babysitters & mother’s helpers’ ages 11 to 17 that teaches marketing, etiquette, how to respond in a CPR or choking emergency and how to use an AED. Jennifer has also distinguished herself by building her own personal brand in a “transactional” type industry, where customers find and reach out to her personally for her CPR services. Jennifer has done this by going out of her comfort zone by recording marketing & educational videos & podcasts spread across multiple social media platforms, websites and Google. Listen to learn how you too can step out of your comfort zone and build a brand that resonates and connects with consumers!


Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t have to “love” social media to leverage its benefits of building a personal brand – you just have to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Jennifer’s production of marketing videos featuring herself where a huge turning point in building her personal brand.
  • Jennifer has positioned herself as the “go-to” resource for her services along the Gulf Coast by using multiple online platforms.
  • Jennifer’s presence on these multiple platforms has organically increased her SEO for people looking for her types of services.



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