Industry Update: Why Rockefeller, First Republic and Other Boutique Firms Are Attracting So Many Top Advisors

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Mindy Diamond



In the third episode of our 3-part series on the landscape of the wealth management industry, we explore boutique firms—a version of independence that has become very popular, especially amongst top-of-the-food chain advisors.

No doubt, the term “boutique firms” may conjure thoughts of the past legends—that is, Lehman Brothers, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Bear Stearns. However, today’s boutique firms are a “new and improved” version—an independent-like model where advisors have the control and freedom that come with independence but work under a W-2 construct.

And while on the surface, for many it’s a model that sounds attractive—yet it’s what’s under the hood at that is most attractive to top teams.

In this episode, Mindy explores the boutique model, focusing on the top 2 firms in particular – Rockefeller Capital Management and First Republic Wealth Management – to identify:

  • Why these firms are so attractive to cream-of-the-crop advisors and teams.
  • What deals look like at these firms.
  • What qualifications these firms look for in an advisor.
  • How the leadership at these firms has evolved the model and is driving greater interest from advisors.
  • How technology, platform and support compare to other models.
  • What other unique features each firm offers.

So listen in to learn about a model that will continue to be a popular destination for advisors—because it checks off all of the boxes of what many of these folks are looking for.

Ultimately, it’s an exciting time to be an advisor—with more options, and a greater likelihood that most any advisor at any level can find their own version of utopia.



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