How Can Women Stand Out In the Wealth Management Industry?

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As conversations around diversity and inclusion across the workforce continue, B. Riley Wealth Management is spotlighting some of its successful female financial advisors to honor National Women’s Equality Day. We asked them how they make a difference in their clients’ lives and the industry at large. Here’s what they said:

Kelly Graham, AAMS, CRPC, AWMA
Senior Vice President, Nashville
[615] 478-9496
[email protected]

“Women make a difference in the financial services industry simply by being in it, because there are still so few of us. I think female financial advisors are naturally inclined to take a different approach than their male colleagues. The hardwired ability we have to nurture is essential, and empowering. I ask questions in a way that encourages my clients to share with me, and I speak with them about everything, not just what’s on the financial planning sheet.”

Lynn Sperandeo
Managing Director, New York, NY
[914] 980-7753
[email protected]

“Women can make an impact because they are empathic, and it makes them so good at this job. That is not to say that men do not possess the same skill, but women tend to remember personal conversations, and they have that nurturing presence. Overall, the industry is becoming far more open-minded, and B. Riley Wealth Management is a very progressive firm. I am proud of that. We are young and growing, and the firm is doing all the right things. As more and more women join the financial services industry, would love to see women as firm liaisons, handling issues unique to women – so they can advocate for us. I would also love to see specific marketing campaigns geared toward female financial advisors.”

Amy Koch, [email protected], CPFA
Vice President, Memphis
[901] 606-2382
[email protected]

“Women can make a difference in this business by mentoring. When I joined B. Riley Wealth Management, I had the firm’s total support and encouragement. I found a mentor I could grow with. Of course, while I knew the only way I was going to succeed as a financial advisor would be to take a leap and just try, the firm was extremely supportive of my endeavors. Whatever I needed, I was given, be it designations or conference attendance, and I was therefore able to quickly enhance my knowledge base and grow my business. If you find the right team you can grow. Without that kind of support, I would not have flourished in this role.”

Lisa Marcelli, [email protected], COFA
Senior Vice President, Houston
[713] 443-9771
[email protected]

“Many of my clients are women with money in motion, meaning they might be amid a major disruption, like a divorce or a job change. The key to making the advisory relationship successful with these clients is to empower them through financial education. So as an advisor, I often ask myself what I can do to make the investment process more palatable for them. I find that while some of my female clients initially lack confidence, once I educate them, they start to feel self-assured as they see the impact of well-informed decisions. After that, amazing things start to happen.”


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