Building your Brand in a Time of Crisis – with Johnny Gwin of Deep Fried Studios

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Welcome to the “Building your Brand in a Time of Crisis” series, where Josh & Jay bring local business owners & entrepreneurs into the studios of Deep Fried to discuss specific, actionable tips and ideas to help other business people & professionals navigate this crisis, especially as it relates to using technology and online platforms to stay in communication with clients and potential clients to strengthen their brand when we finally, emerge from our current situation.

Josh & Jay welcome Johnny Gwin, the Owner and Head Fryer at Deep Fried Studios and Media. The Every Dollar Counts listeners are familiar with Johnny because he produces our podcast, but he also possesses a wide range and depth of talents beyond just audio production. Deep Fried Studios is a content marketing company that produces a variety of content needs, from the basic hobbyist to those building a personal brand, to businesses and organizations of all sizes. The foundation of Johnny’s company is a podcast production, but he also produces short videos, blogs, live events, you name it – as Johnny says, he’s in the business of producing compelling “info-tainment” and Deep want Deep Fried to feel like an independent record label. In this episode, Johnny is going to lay out how easy and affordable it is to produce your own podcast, and why that content has so much impact and reach with building your brand and spreading your message.

Key Takeaways:

  • We’re still early in the days of podcasting, so don’t feel like you missed the boat
  • You can literally produce a podcast with a microphone and a laptop or just your phone and free editing applications
  • A podcast can help you find your niche, building a dedicated listener base that is on a high rung of the loyalty ladder, with listeners becoming an advocate for your content
  • Podcasting is a world-wide platform – there’s no limit to the reach and it allows you to spread your message globally
  • Podcasts can be used for marketing and educating, but they also are great for networking with people you respect and prospecting with people you would like to do business with
  • You own your podcast content, versus renting the content via the earned / paid media of traditional broadcast channels



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