Building Your Brand in a Time of Crisis – with Bradley Flowers

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Welcome to the “Building your Brand in a Time of Crisis” series, where Josh & Jay bring local business owners & entrepreneurs into the studios of Deep Fried to discuss specific, actionable tips and ideas to help other business people & professionals navigate this crisis, especially as it relates to using technology and online platforms to stay in communication with clients and potential clients to strengthen their brand when we finally emerge from our current situation.

In this episode, Josh & Jay welcome Bradley Flowers, the founder of Portal Insurance and co-host of The Insurance Guys Podcast. Bradley holds a unique position in the Property & Casualty Insurance industry because he built his customer based almost exclusively through social media. That’s not to say Bradley was an overnight sensation – far from it. Listen in as Bradley battled through the early years of his content marketing where “only my Mom was watching” to where he is today: speaker at large conferences, an influencer across multiple social media platforms, owner of a growing independent P&C agency and co-host of one of the most popular insurance-industry-facing podcasts, The Insurance Guys. Bradley says NOW is the time to work on building your brand. Tune in to hear why he says this, and steps to accomplish this goal!

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are using social media to explicitly sell a product or service without providing value first, your potential network with tune out. Try adding value & being authentic first.
  • When you finally start getting some engagement on your posts, be sure to engage back
  • Podcasts are a great way to market, but there also a value tool for networking, prospecting and self-learning. Listen to hear how Bradley got his “MBA in running an independent practice” through hosting his podcast
  • Your online presence and brand needs to be backed up by technology – if you are reaching your customers through their devices and laptops, you need to be able to sign and service them through the same devices. Especially in times like these!


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