Be Like Brady – What Financial Advisors Can Learn From The GOAT

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With the Super Bowl only days away, one story has dominated sports news and that is the decisive legacy of Tom Brady. Love him or hate him, one thing is undeniable – Brady is the greatest football player of all time as supported not just by his fan base but by the statistics. Currently Brady holds nineteen regular and postseason number one all-time records – more than any other quarterback in NFL history. So, what does all of this have to do with financial services? The fact is the skill sets that make Brady great are the same skill sets that make for a great financial advisor. If you are not convinced, then consider the following:

1) Tom Brady was an outstanding recruit. Today, with the financial services recruiting market on fire, advisors need to be great recruits as well.

Tampa Bay tapped Brady for their quarterback position because of his success with the Patriots. Their intention was for Brady to bring that same leadership, intensity, and success to Tampa Bay – and he delivered. The same strategy holds true for firms actively recruiting the best and brightest financial services professionals. Firms winning the recruiting game are looking at an advisor’s book of business and track record of success, then investing in the lucrative recruiting packages and advisor support systems that secure leading advisors for their team. The game doesn’t stop there. By deciding to move to a new firm an advisor is making a commitment in their future and that of their firm partner. The best recruits deliver on that promise – just like Brady.

2) Tom Brady is an expert at managing the clock just as the best advisors manage their time efficiently.

How many times have you watched a football game where Brady was the quarterback and how he managed the clock – not the skill level of play – ended up deciding the game? Efficient time management that leads to success is a nuanced skill and is particularly relevant for financial advisors in the independent space. Independent advisors are responsible for overseeing their operations, human resources and payroll, marketing and branding, client portfolios, compliance, and many other key business practices. Efficient time management is a necessary balancing act for every independent advisor and is one that is built over time through decisiveness and commitment – again, just like Brady.

3) Tom Brady is a leader and mindset mastermind – two essential mental skills every financial advisor should be employing.

To compete at the highest level is to require excellence of yourself every minute of every day – something that is an undeniable Brady trait. True excellence comes from using the full force of your mind to lead and achieve at whatever task is at hand. For financial advisors, that same level of commitment holds true if you want to be a leader and a success in the industry. Do you invest time in up leveling your business skills and industry knowledge? Have you developed rituals and behaviors that bring out your best performance? Are you focusing on business and personal success by incorporating nutrition and physical fitness into your routine? The financial advisors who are changing the game analyze every aspect of their lives and day and commit to strategically taking every element to the next level of performance – just like Brady.

Are you noticing a pattern here? Don’t view ‘just like Brady’ as a catchphrase or cliche depending on where your sports affiliations lie. Instead, look at what makes Brady, or the GOAT of any field, the best that ever existed. There are lessons to be learned there and in financial services it is no different. Financial advisors who bring to the table a mix of leadership, industry knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and – yes – more than a touch of mindset training are destined to be the GOATs of the financial services industry. So, the question to you is – do you have what it takes to be one of them?

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