Babies, Boxing, and Business – A Conversation With Austin Philbin, Chief Administrative Officer, Dynasty Financial Partners

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Advisor Talk

Forming personal and professional relationships with colleagues whose opinion you respect – and with whom you can have a candid discussion – is paramount to success in all areas. In this episode, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by long-time friend and collaborator Austin Philbin, Chief Administrative Officer of Dynasty Financial Partners, for a just such a discussion which encompasses life, family, business, and the connectivity between them all.



Topics which Frank and Austin dive into include:

*looking to the development of our children in both mind and spirit as a guidepost to fostering our own growth mindset.

*establishing productivity routines and focusing effort and energy in order to align goals and vision with activity.

*physical fitness as the ‘secret sauce’ for mental acuity.

*the dynamics of successful financial services teams and how the interplay between individual roles, group cooperation, and dynamic thinking lead to innovation and prosperity.

*a behind-the scenes look into Dynasty Financial Partners and the firm’s approach to leading its advisors to success.

*what advisor independence actually means and the sources from which trends towards independence flow.

As with any conversation between old friends, Frank and Austin cover a lot of ground. Take advantage of this opportunity to join in on a no-holds-barred conversation between two industry leaders, confidants, and forward-thinkers and learn the optimal strategies that can guide you towards achievement, fulfillment, and abundance in all areas of life.


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