B. Riley Wealth Management: 2021 Outlook

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GOODBYE, 2020!

If someone had told me a year ago in January that the United States would experience a 100-year plague; politicians would shut down the entire U.S. economy; the stock market would crash to Great Depression levels; unemployment rates would skyrocket; we would have a trade war with Canada, Mexico, Europe and China; Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would plummet; rioters would ransack and take over the U.S. Capitol at the encouragement of a U.S. President and, after all that, the U.S. stock market would end up climbing to all-time-historic-highs — I would have thought that person was insane!

Twenty years from now, how will historians write about 2020?


BRWM_Dietrich_2021 Outlook 1 13 2021





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  • Paul, As usual you have provided us with a great view of the coming things to consider going forward in the next couple of years. This positive report hopefully will become a reality and be beneficial for our clients. Take care and stay safe. Joe Longo

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