B.O.S.S. Chapter 4: The Reverse Pink Slip

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Josh & Jay welcome Will Steih, Managing Director or Prime Capital Investment Advisor’s Tennessee office, to the studio for Chapter 4 of 5 in our Business Owner Strategies & Solutions (B.O.S.S.) Series, a discussion about Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans. Why should a business owner consider a N.Q. Deferred Comp Plan? Why are these plans referred to as “golden handcuffs”? A business owner has a key employee that is critical to the success of their business – is there a way to offer additional benefits to incentivize this key employee to stay loyal to their organization? Listen in to hear important concepts & solutions to consider!


Key Takeaways:

> Non-Qualified Deferred Comp is a tool to keep key employees loyal in a competitive hiring or business environment.

> N.Q. Deferred Comp is potentially structured to grow tax-free using permanent life insurance.

> There is a cost recovery component to N.Q. Deferred Comp Plans that may have more “punch” than just providing more W2 income to a key employee.

> N.Q. Deferred Comp allows an employer to carve out additional benefits for their organization’s key employees.



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