A Conversation with Steve Sanders, EVP at Interactive Brokers

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One of wealth management’s leading voices shares his thoughts on the industry, and what advisors need to do to compete and thrive.

In this episode, we explore some of the hottest topics in wealth management today with Steve Sanders, EVP, Marketing & Product Development at Interactive Brokers.

Steve shares his unique perspective and experience on:

  • Zero Commissions:
    • The challenges, changes and opportunities that will come with Zero Com in 2020
  • How does Interactive Brokers simplify technology with clients
    • Services and cost savings – Interactive Brokers Vs. competitors
  • Homogenization in the industry
    • Technology replacing advisors – robo advisors vs. traditional advisors
    • How to add value as an advisor and differentiate yourself from robo advisors
  • Millennials:
    • Teaching millennials how to put financial independence into best practice
  • And much more

It’s an episode that covers a great deal of ground solid information for any advisor who is looking to gather insight on the changes in the landscape and use that knowledge to take their business to the next level.

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Steve Sanders is Executive VP-Marketing & Product Development at Interactive Brokers Group, Inc.

His primary role is to bring IBKR’s technology to the world. After having spent fifteen years at Citibank in such diverse functions as credit & risk management, marketing, financial planning, and product structuring, Steve joined IBKR in 2001.  

Steve earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago and a BS in Accounting and Computer Science from SUNY Albany.




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Comments (2)
  • Good convo–had no idea interactrive did international biz

  • Zero com will have impact so its prudent to go with one of these firms thats basically doing BOTH zerocom and regular. I like the honesty here about how with zero u get bad execution on trades, but you really should have both for real choice with a client. I currtently do not but I will have to fix that.

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