3 Advantages to Going Independent

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Independent advisors make up one of the fastest growing segments in the financial services industry. If you’ve ever thought about going independent, congratulations — you’ve taken the first step towards freedom. If you’re curious about breaking free, you may want to consider three advantages that independent advisors can offer their clients.

Investors with complex needs may be better served by flexible options

A key area that highlights an independent advisor’s freedom is flexibility. Flexibility means being able to access investments that may be more appropriate to a client’s complex, individual needs, regardless of where they are produced. Independent advisors provide customized solutions that are free from the bounds of proprietary product offerings. This can be an especially attractive feature to high-net worth or affluent clientele. An open-architecture approach sets independent advisors apart from the competition, which is precisely why Kestra Private Wealth Services (KPWS) proudly offers a wide range of non-proprietary investments. You can focus on your client’s bottom line – not the company’s.

Transparent fee structure speaks volumes

Transparency is the currency of confidence, and confidence builds trust. The higher the level of transparency, the better your business will operate. Proactively sharing a firm’s fee structure has become part of the new standard for fiduciaries. This approach builds trust in you as an advisor while demonstrating to clients your willingness to build a business partnership based on disclosure. Regardless of whether you’re working on retainer, flat-fee, hourly rate, AUM, or commission, costs and fee structures should be transparent. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, focusing on the old maxim, “price is only an issue in the absence of perceived value” has never been more critical.

Ability to provide client-centric support

Corporate structures can change with the stroke of a pen causing disruption and frustration for advisors. Maybe it’s time to let corporate agendas become a thing of the past. Our platform provides you with the infrastructure, control, and stability to do business your way. We believe our process makes it easier for you to keep your clients where they belong — as your top priority. We do this by providing for all of your onsite needs along with integrated technology solutions that seamlessly combine the broad range of essential business applications that advisors often struggle to maintain. With additional advanced technology such as eSignature and compliant client-texting capabilities, you can focus on deepening relationships and growing your business, not on the next company meeting.

A key element in providing best of breed, client-centric support is for the advisor to obtain entrepreneurial flexibility and work-life balance. KPWS offers paid for turnkey real estate options, including leasing, rent, design, down payments, tenant negotiations, and more. We believe providing the highest level of advisor support will translate into client satisfaction.

Choosing to go independent is an important decision for any advisor, with benefits so rewarding that you may wonder what took you so long to decide in the first place. It may be the perfect time to consider whether your firm’s vision aligns with yours.

Why wait another day to have a conversation about it? Forecast your future today.

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