2020 AdvisorHub Industry in Transition Speaker: Mindy Diamond

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Mindy Diamond

President and CEO of Diamond Consultants

Mindy started Diamond Consultants in 1998 with nothing more than a pad, pen and phone, working from the bedroom floor in her home. The business became a “third child” that she nurtured and developed into one of the leading consulting and recruiting firms for financial advisors in the country.

Mindy Diamond

Mindy Diamond

Drawing from her own entrepreneurial experience, she developed an organization that employs a unique relationship-driven approach that helps individuals and organizations achieve what she calls their “Best Business Life.” By counseling advisors on how to ask the right questions and “dig deep,” she helps them look at all of the opportunities available to find the one that allows them to reach their full potential. That is, to best serve their clients and live a life that is in sync with their own beliefs and values.

Knowing full well that no single solution works for every advisor or every team, her personal, consultative style has been described as “selfless and objective,” and has transformed many careers in the advisory world. So when the industry’s most sophisticated advisors and teams are surveying the landscape, they call upon Mindy, who has guided some of the biggest and brightest to new levels of success. And when multi-generational teams with complex businesses are ready to outline the best path for the next phase of their businesses, they rely upon Mindy’s vast experience and understanding of how to manage the often-disparate sensibilities of all parties involved.

Considered by the industry as one of the top thought-leaders, she is regularly quoted by national media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and CNBC, as well as industry publications including OnWallStreet, Financial Advisor magazine, Investment News, and RIABiz. In addition to her weekly blog posts for financial advisors and active social media presence, she has shared her expertise on recruiting and career trends since 2004 in a monthly column for WealthManagement.com. You are also likely to see her on the platform at many of the industry’s top events or on webinars and podcasts published online.

Her podcast series for financial advisors – “Mindy Diamond on Independence” – has become what many recent breakaways consider their “Go-to Source” for education on the independent space.

The 1984 graduate from the George Washington University holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree.


Social media and other relevant links:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mindydiamond/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mindydiamond

Website: https://www.diamond-consultants.com/

Podcast: https://www.diamond-consultants.com/podcast-mindy-diamond-independence/

Articles: https://www.diamond-consultants.com/author/mindy-diamond/


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