Edward Jones

Recruit Deal

For producers with minimum trailing-12 month revenue above $250,000 and over $30Mln AUM

90% TO 125%

New Asset Bonus
90%-125% Production Bonus for Transitioning 80% to 100% of Assets in Year 1
* Paid Monthly
* Payout deferred between two and six years

Income Guarantee

100% of Previous Year’s Payout Guaranteed as Salary in Year One

Commission payouts


Branch Profitability Bonus

(Gross Revenue + Credits + Fees) – (Branch Expenses)

Branch expenses include:

  • Financial Advisor earnings
  • Branch staff payroll
  • Benefits
  • Occupancy expenses
  • Equipment and access charges
  • Telephone, postage, licenses, etc.

More detail: http://careers.edwardjones.com/explore-opportunities/financial-advisor-exp/compensation/compensation.html