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“Our vision is to reinvent the way people experience wealth and enhance their financial well-being, by expanding access to a proven ecosystem of ideas, solutions and talent.”

 – Eric Becker & Avy Stein

  Cresset Clients & Co-Founders

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Our Culture
Makes Us Different


Client interest comes first with our True Fiduciary® standards.

Privately Held

Long-term perspective allows employees to align their career goals with long-term financial goals of their clients

Alignment of Interests

70% employee owned 30% client owned

“Cresset’s investment management and family office expertise, coupled with its access to direct real estate and private equity investing, made Cresset the ideal long-term business partner for our firm and our clients because our clients deserve better.”

-Keith Cantrell, Founder of Evanston Advisors acquired by Cresset in March, 2019.

Cresset refers to Cresset Capital Management and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates. Cresset Asset Management, LLC provides investment advisory, family office, and other services to individuals, families, and institutional clients. Cresset Partners, LLC provides investment advisory services strictly to investment vehicles investing in private equity, real estate and other investment opportunities. Cresset Asset Management, LLC, and Cresset Partners, LLC are SEC registered investment advisors.