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  • 3x advisor productivity rates in comparison to leading competitors1
  • 16:1 resources to help enable success
  • $500M+ in technology investments2

1Company filings and S&P Cap IQ. 2019 data represents trailing 12 months through 9-30-19. Ameriprise 2012 Revenue Per Advisor includes 12b-1 fees. Regional / Independent represents median of LPL, Edward Jones and Raymond James PCG. Wirehouse represents median of Morgan Stanley and Bank
of America Wealth Management.
2 Ameriprise Financial spent over $500 million in technology over the last five years. Company data.
3Ameriprise Financial 2019 Annual Report and 10-K
4Clients in active planning relationships: Based on Client Groups Leaving On Own includes clients with over $100K in AUM with Active Financial Plans. December 31, 2018 data. Gross Dealer Concession and Net Flows data based on 2019 AIM Value of Planning Report.
5Clients can rate an advisor or practice, based on their overall satisfaction with the team or practice, on a scale of 1 to 5 (1= extremely dissatisfied to 5= extremely satisfied). Client experiences may vary and working with any Ameriprise Financial practice is not a guarantee of future financial results. Investors should not consider this rating a substitute for their own research and evaluation of a financial practice’s qualifications. Not all clients may respond to these questions, and only clients with access to the Ameriprise Secure Client Site may submit a rating. Ratings reflect an average of all client responses received between 3/13/2018 and 9/30/2018.
*Deals and compensation may vary and are subject to change. Upfront refers to the upfront promissory note.
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