At a Glance
  • Wennco specializes in Hedged Equity and Covered Call Strategies
  • Provides advisors with equity-like return while minimizing effects of market drawdowns
  • Separate account manager founded in 2017
  • Based in Atlanta, GA. CIO Chris Wenner


Wennco LLC is an SEC registered investment advisor providing both fully managed and co-managed strategies that focus on generating more consistent returns across all market cycles. 

The Wennco Downshift ETF strategy gives advisors a cost-effective solution for retaining equity-market exposure with an actively managed hedging component.  The strategy is available to invest on Schwab’s Marketplace platform in an SMA structure.

We work with RIAs, Banks, Foundations, Family Offices, Broker-Dealers and individual investors. 

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Downshift ETF seeks to capture the majority of the S&P 500’s upside while capturing significantly less of the S&P 500’s downside over a full market cycle. The strategy consists of 3 components: 1) ownership of 13 ETFs which give exposure to all 11 S&P 500 sectors, 2) covered calls are opportunistically sold against the underlying ETFs and 3) downside protection through owning and actively managing long-dated S&P 500 puts. The strategy has both an active and passive approach.


The Union/Wennco Covered Call Overlay Strategy seeks total return with less volatility than equity markets in general. The strategy predominately invests in large cap, dividend-paying equities and sells covered call options to create incremental portfolio income and reduce portfolio volatility. The strategy supplements the overall portfolio’s dividend yield by generating an average of more than 3.5% in annualized cash proceeds in the form of option premiums. In total, the portfolio expects to generate cash proceeds composed of dividends and option premiums of more than 6.5% per calendar year. This separately managed account strategy may be appropriate for investors who are interested in a combination of current income and long-term growth potential, but who can accept potentially significant equity market volatility.




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